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Rock n.60

Object belonging
One's own
Rock Art
Italy, Lombardy, Brescia
Capo di Ponte
Locality Naquane
Material and technique

Short description

Placed on the Valento Coren to the end of a not easy path and now closed to the public for security reasons, the rock 60 overlooks the valley.

naquane roccia 60 rosa camunaOn the Rock 60 it is engraved one of the symbolic figures of the Iron Age rock art more difficult to
understand: the "rosa camuna". Used as a symbol by the Lombardy Region, its name is due to the resemblance to a flower. Among the many interpretations, the most interesting is the representation of an astral symbol (sun, moon), a musical instrument or a game with pawns. For the frequent association with armed figures, it could be linked with warriors (banner?). It is engraved in several ways such as the quatrefoil-shaped and the swastika shape with wide spread in other parts of Europe.


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