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The national park, as emblematic of the UNESCO Site n.94 "Rock Drawings in Valle Camonica", has a general and specific management in the context of the UNESCO site management plan. It was coordinated by the Soprintendenza in 2005, shared with local and territorial institutions (Province of Brescia, Mountain Community, the Consortium of the watershed municipalities, municipalities of Darfo Boaro Terme, Ceto, Cimbergo, Paspardo, Capo di Ponte, Sellero and Sonic), organized in the Institutional Coordination Group, and with the Research Institutions operating in the Valley.

The Management Plan (Rock Art of Valle Camonica. UNESCO Site n.94. 2005 Management Plan, edited by R. Poggiani Keller, C. Liborio, M.G. Ruggiero, 2, Bergamo, 2007) provides a number of coordinated actions in order to put in a network the Parks and the sites with rock art (more than 180 in the Valley), with interventions of knowledge, preservation and enhancement.

Besides, in the Park take place periodically:
- Educational activities, by external Subjects.

- Activities research and documentation, carried out by the Soprintendenza, also in partnership with research institutes and universities.

- Monitoring the state of conservation of the rocks. Since 1997, the Soprintendenza with the collaboration of archaeologists, restorations and computer technicians, has realized a new database for rock art (IR Project). It uses modern technologies such as photogrammetry and digital photography. A new application for Internet (http://www.irweb.it/) has been developed since January 2003. Tested in the Park, the cataloguing project was adopted by the Soprintendenza for all rock art in Lombardy. It led to the creation of a computerized archive on a regional basis, which collects all scientific, historical and technical data and those ones related to the conservation of the rocks (CIMAR - Computerized Monitoring Product for rock art).

- Systematic restoration campaigns for the preservation of rock art heritage, planned on the monitoring of the 104 rocks of the Park.